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Eastern European Adventure

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Last September we took a 3 week adventure which started in Berlin and took us to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, The High Tatra Mountains, Krakow, Warsaw, St. Petersburg, and Moscow.  7 countries and many wonderful sites, meals, and people over the 3 week trek.

We saw the great sites of Berlin but what caught our eye most was the street art and the remaining Berlin Wall.  We love history and we were right in the middle of it!

Berlin was awesome – look forward to going back soon.

_E7A0765 Hand in Berlin web ready

Street art – Berlin

_E7A1109 Brandenburg Gate web ready

Brandenburg Gate – Berlin

The Great Wall is covered in new art – found this one powerful – tells the story of the thousands that wanted to escape the oppression they suffered:

_E7A0814 Berlin Wall faces escaping web ready

Berlin Wall art

Next was my favorite city in central Europe – Prague.  Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe with great sites, food, people, and history.  There is so much that can be written about Prague but we do not have the skills to do it justice so we’ll just share some images…

_E7A1161 Charles Bridge and Castle bright web ready

Charles Bridge and more – Prague

_E7A1397 Old Town Square Prague from tower web ready

Old Town – Prague

After Prague we had a nice and relaxing visit to Mikulov and Cesky Krumlov.  Loved this scene:

_E7A1546 Cesky Krumlov wall web ready

Street scene – Mikulov

Next on the adventure is Vienna – quick and easy is Vienna.  Again, so much can be said about Vienna and her history but that is for a different day.  We enjoyed a nice Blue Hour shoot at Schonbrunn Palace:

_E7A1884 Shounbrunn Palace at Blue Hour web ready

Schonbrunn Palace – Vienna

Had not been to Budapest in a few years BUT got to go twice in the course of 1 month!  Right before this wonderful 3 week adventure I spent a week in Budapest and Prague with good friends.  Didn’t have any real-time for photography with my friends but was able to get some shots to update things on the longer trip.

_E7A2148 Hungarian Parliament at Blue Hour web ready

Parliament Building – Budapest

_E7A2051 Budapest Blue Hour - Castle and Chain Bridge web ready

Chain Bridge and more – Budapest

Bratislava and The High Tatra Mountains were next.  Loved the mountains and the relaxation and fresh air…

Krakow & Warsaw were next on the menu.  Once again, more history than we can shake a stick at BUT plenty of cool images to be had if you get out and walk – and look – and shoot.  We are only sharing a few from Warsaw for now…

We wrapped up the trip with a few days each in St. Petersburg and then Moscow, Russia.  We have lots we could say about our visit but will withhold here.  Weather was not the best, we were rushed (beyond our control), and had a few locals that were less than friendly with us.  Even with all that we still we happy to come home with a some images we like.  Hope you do too.

_E7A3404 St. Basil's Moscow1 web ready

St. Basil’s – Moscow, Russia

Hope you enjoy the quick trip with us.  We have a blast on all our trips and have some excellent ones coming up – Uganda for the mountain gorillas, Tanzania, Cuba, Japan, Indochina, China, New Zealand, Myanmar & Thailand, and more.  Let us know which one interests you.


Storytelling with your photographs

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One of the mottos that M&M lives by is “You don’t just take a photograph, you experience it!”

We really do believe that is important and try to help all of our tour guests experience their photographs while on a photo tour with us. We do our best by both providing ample cultural opportunities and professional photography guidance and instruction. But to get the most out of a photo tour, your own travels or photography in general you should give yourself goals or assignments.

One of the more interesting and visually stimulating things that you can do is to tell a story with your photographs. This will undoubtedly be a fun and interesting way to share your photo experience with friends and family. While in the “field” instead of snapping away at just anything incorporate the following techniques to create a narrative that brings your  experience to life.

We are constantly surrounded by storytelling in our every day lives. Books, movies, documentaries, you name it. They are all forms of story telling and you already have an understanding of this process just from being exposed to it so much every day. Using storytelling techniques with your camera to add depth and diversity you are able to weave images together to give a sense of scale to a location and a feeling of what its like to visit.

Establishing Shot.  The first step is to take an establishing shot. This shot should be a wide angle shot of your subject, background, foreground etc. To enhance the sense of scale in this photo include recognizable objects such as wildlife, people or trees. While these objects don’t have to me the main focus of the composition they will still give the viewer a better sense of the surroundings and scale of what they are viewing.

Close-up. After you have set the scene with your establishing shot, you need to focus more on the details that surround you. Take a close-up shot or a series of close-up. There will always be noticeable contrasts between all that is shown in the establishing shot (the location) and your own close surroundings – diversity of life, variation in geography, color, and terrain may be different. Use close-up shots to highlight distinct patters, textures and small creatures to try and capture as much “macro” as possible. Let the details supplement the story behind your establishing shot.

Medium shot. To add contrast to your establishing shot and close-up shots you can use a medium shot that has elements of both. The medium shot may include some background with the subject, showing its native behavior. Try to avoid any distracting background elements. To do this consider using a low aperture so that your depth of field is very small therefore creating an out of focus background.

These steps and suggestions of course are not set in stone but are a great way to get you thinking and moving in the right direction. If your purpose of telling a story with your photographs was to share your experience with others, it is a good idea to include someone in on your editing process. Ask them which shots are more interesting to them and which help them imagine what it would be like to actually be there. By asking the opinion of someone else you will be able to tell a better story and one that will hopefully speak to many.