International Tours

China’s Best Treasures Photo Tour

“China’s Best Treasures trip was amazing!  There was so much to photograph I wasn’t sure where to start but M&M and the guest pro, Ron Wyatt, were understanding, patient and always there to help with suggestions, feedback and encouragement.  The food and hotels were amazing.  I never thought I could eat so well in China but there was plenty even for me a vegetarian!  The cultural highlights and shows were a good surprise.  They helped me understand China better.  M&M always knew where we were and kept a close eye on us.  The guides were great and along with M&M made sure I didn’t get lost no matter how adventurous I was.  They even gave me a walkie talkie to stay in touch as we wandered the street and sights of China.  They were not even upset when I dropped it in the Li River!  I was so thrilled with my China images that I spent 2 months learning how to make a slideshow of the images coupled with music in Aperture.  I highly recommend M&M for anyone thinking about taking a photo tour!  I will travel with them again .”  –Anita S., NY
-View a slideshow of Anita’s photos Here

“The recent tour/workshop (Sept 2010, China) was a wonderful experience.  M&M was most gracious and accommodating in all facet of the trip.  The hotels were first rate, as well as the instruction from M&M and our traveling Pro (Mr. Ron Wyatt).  Whatever questions I had they happily answered, whether it had to do with photography or not.  That was very much appreciated.  I also appreciated Mike M. taking the time to give me a little personal time in learning a little bit about processing in photoshop.  Thanks for a great trip M&M and thanks for the new friends I made along the way.”
— Dave W., CA

“I went on my first tour with M&M in 2010 and had the time of my life. My normal mode of travel does not involve a group, but being with like minded people is a plus. The tours are small and packed with photo ops. We were constantly on the move and everything we saw was worth it. I took the tour to see three things, but I got so much more. I saw and photographed so many wonderful things. M&M and the guest Photographer were available and willing to help with any of our photographic needs but were not pushy. They were there to help you make the best memories of the trip. They were even fun to be with on a tour.”
— Carol C.

“I have been traveling on photography workshops since 2003 and China’s Best Treasures is the best trip I have ever taken.”
— Bob E., PA

Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia Photo Tour

“Simply Fantastic!”  –Neil D. Manchester, UK

“I am happy to say M&M Photo Tours was my choice for two unforgettable photo workshop experiences to Asia, a destination that I can return to many times over. Going with M&M Photo Tours gives me a balance between a group tour and being off on my own.

Learning from the wisdom of the guest pro and travel veteran Mike Gulbraa makes it easier to “hit the ground running” when arriving at a new destination. We are all pulled in different directions when our cameras come out but we all come back together again like a rubber band.

I appreciate getting us out to predawn sunrise shoots and not dining when the sun is setting. Impromptu stops to photograph something interesting along the way are also the norm here.

Their travel operator provides superb hotel choices, excellent photography oriented local guides and the culinary experiences is a mini-tour unto itself. M&M Photo Tours also has many industry sponsors with products to try out and the raffles are fun when everyone gets to win something.” – Jook L., NJ

Japan Photo Tour

“I really enjoyed the trip – cherry blossoms in Japan are not to be missed and I had so many wonderful opportunities to photograph them. Mike certainly gave me things to think about on improving my photography.”
–Lisa W., New Jersey

Tuscany Photo Tour

“I definitely came away a better photographer.  I loved the trip, mostly because I loved Tuscany.  As I’ve told friends, I could happily live there forever.  Dinners at the villa were beyond wonderful, if I could kidnap Mirelle (our private chef) and bring her home with me, I’d be a happy camper.  Andrea and Sarah (our drivers and local guides) were lovely.  I’d love to travel with you again one day.  My knowledge of photography grew exponentially in the time I was with you.  Thank you so much for everything you did to make the trip enjoyable.”
Marcy N., PA

2 Responses to “International Tours”

  1. Our photo tour to Southeast Asia was totally outstanding. Our only criticism would be the relatively predictable food, I’m sure because M&M was trying to keep us healthy; but, I should note, this wasn’t billed as a gourmet tour. The photo opportunities were wonderful and we came back with images and experiences we’ll never forget. We have both been on photo tours where we just didn’t feel comfortable with the tour leaders. Mike is a jewel, very considerate of his clients, and our arrangements/accommodations/guides were exceptionally good. We will definitely travel with M&M again and have recommended them highly to our photographic friends.

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