Seoul Stop Before Indochina Tour

155B3846Seoul is open for business!

One of the great benefits from foreign travel is the occasional opportunity to make good use of a long layover.  Today on our way to our Indochina trip, We had a 12 hour layover in Incheon Korea so we decided to take advantage of our time and tour around Seoul while we waited for our flight to resume to Bangkok.  The street photography was amazing and we got some great images so we are sharing a few unedited JPEGs to give you an idea what we are seeing here… Come Visit!


This is the Gyeonbokgung Palace in Seoul.  We were able to tour the grounds and get some great images.  The next two are from the same palace.  Bet you can’t see this in Brooklyn! 155B3729


Below is a local Buddhist  temple grounds.  We were able to visit during a prayer session so we have images of the locals in attendance and the well-kept grounds too..155B3761

See if you can spot Mike Gulbraa poking in one of the doors.  Yep, same Columbia shirt you saw him in 2 years ago.  He said he washed it.  Fantastic color and weather for photos. 155B3776



This is a strange shaped cigarette butt collector.  Very decorative and photogenic.


From here we are off to Indochina so stay tuned for a few posts as we progress on the trip.  Wish you were here.  This is stunning as always!


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