Indochina 2011 – Laos

It’s been a fantastic first week of our tour through Southeast Asia!  Time has gotten away from me while we are out shooting everyday and enjoying critiques and tutorials with our guest pro Adam Barker.  Hopefully I’ll get time to explore the details later.

Here are a few quick images from Laos and the fun we had at the annual lantern festival and boat races in Luang Prabang.  Of course, we visited the local villages and markets – those images to come later.

The Lantern Festival is a Buddhist religious event that happens only once a year to coincide with the full moon.  It is a wild party where the entire town of Luang Prabang comes together for a full day of celebrations.

More to come soon about Vietnam and Cambodia too!

This monk was standing watching the boat races on the Khan River outside of Luang Prabang (LP).  Love his concerned look.

This boy was in the Lantern Festival procession through LP.  Love the modern t-shirt (Spider Men) vs the ancient tradition of the town.  His humility is all over his face.

 These young monks were watching all the floats and the parade through LP.  Love the juxtaposition of their status vs the use of cell phones to record the moment.







This shot shows young monks and a visitor lighting and sending a “lantern” off into the air during the celebration.

The picture below is one of the festive floats the LP folks make during the festival.  There were many and they parade them through town and end up at the Mekong River where some are launched.

The shot below depicts 2 teams battling it out in a boat race during the day of the festival.  It is intense!

Hope you enjoy. All images were hand-held using Canon 5D Mark II and Canon L Series 24-105 f/4 lens or the Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 lens on Lexar Digital Film.  Thanks to Clik Elite for our camera backpacks, Tiffen for filters, Benro for tripods, Columbia Sportswear and all our sponsors who help us in the field.

More later!


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