Laos Vietnam Cambodia

We have another offer for you to take advantage of if you missed the China’s Best Treasures deal. For our Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia Photo Tour with Adam Barker we have a limited amount of discount offers for those of you that sign up fast! There is a little something there for the rest of you as well.

Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam   October 12-25, 2011
Deadline to sign up September 1, 2011
Extended Deadline September 12, 2011    CLOSED

Original Price  $6250 ***INCLUDES RT AIRFARE from US gateway city

For the next 2-4 guests
   – $5600/person  ***INCLUDES RT AIRFARE from US gateway city

For any guest after that
   – $5900/person  ***INCLUDES RT AIRFARE from US gateway city


Follow this link for more information about this TOUR

Follow this link to REGISTER for the Tour. 

3 Responses to “Laos Vietnam Cambodia”

  1. Still too expensive.

    • John, sorry you feel that way.
      Please compare us with the competition that offers much less:

      2) NatGeo offers Vietnam & Cambodia for $7295-$7695 before air.
      Van Os Photo Safaris offers Cambodia & Myanmar for $7995 before air.
      M&M gives you Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia (Angkor Wat & more) with Adam Barker for $6250 INCLUDING RT air – before our discount offer.

      There are advantages to traveling with a group of like minded photographers – this is not a Globus/Trafalgar tour where you get no time to practice your art nor is this a trip that skimps on quality.

      Mike G.

  2. Only a few more spots left for the big discount. Jump on it, you wont regret it!

    -Mike M.

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