Tuscany Day 2

Today we ventured off to the Chianti region of Tuscany.  Best known for wine, the region holds a treasure trove of photographic gems and some awesome vineyards.  Our stops included Badia Coltibuono, Vertine, San Donato in Perano, Radda in Chianti, Meleto Castle, Brolio Castle, and Lucignano.

Wine & photography were our themes today.  We stopped for 2 tastings and cellar tours while still managing to capture images of vineyards, scenic villas and the vastness of the Chianti region.  We also enjoyed some fantastic salami, prosciutto, cheese and olive oil during our stops.  Many vineyards produce both wine and olive oil.

I have to say, the meals our private chef has prepared for us at the villa have been out of this world!  The food we are getting at our lunch stops has not been bad either.  How can one come to Tuscany and have a bad food experience?  Not happening.

As with any M&M tour we want our guests to not only capture the shots they came for but also learn and experience something of the area we are traveling in – “You don’t just take a photograph, you experience it.”

Here are a few shots we liked from today:

This image of a rolling Tuscan hayfield just caught my eye because of the layers shown in the undulating slope and lines.

Canon 5DMKII Canon 24-105L @ 105mm f/11 1/125 ISO 250 w/ Tiffen Circular Polarizer

The next 2 shots were taken in the wine cellar of the Monterinaldi vineyard.  The tour was fun but what made it special was the fact that they showed us their “guest” cellar and then gave us a special tour of the barrels of “good stuff.”  The first shot is their “guest” cellar and the second is where they keep the “good stuff.”  These shots were handheld with a high ISO setting.

Canon 5DMKII Canon 24-105L @ 24mm f/4 1/8 ISO 2500 (handheld)

Canon 5DMKII Canon 24-105L @ 24mm f/4 1/10 ISO 2500 (handheld)

This next shot is a shout out to our camera bag sponsor Clik Elite (www.clikelite.com).  Without their gear our job would be much tougher.  Simply put their bags and accessories fit our needs perfectly.  I placed my Pro Express on the pole at the end of a row in a small vineyard and took a couple of shots.  This is what we call a “fun” shot – not that it has any great photographic value but it shows where we go, what we use, and hopefully expresses a feeling of just have fun with your photography.

Canon 5DMKII Canon 24-105L @ 35mm f/11 1/180 ISO 400 w/ Tiffen Circular Polarizer

 This shot was taken from the city walls of the town of Pienza.  We made another stop in Pienza today to pick up some goodies for dinner.  I like the shapes, patterns, different shades of green through the pocket that runs the center of the image.

Canon 5DMKII Canon 24-105L @ 105mm f/4 1/350 ISO 100 w/ Tiffen Circular Polarizer

What were the yummy goodies?  Feast your eyes…we enjoyed some of this with our dinner tonight!











We hope you enjoy too…


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  1. very interesting!!

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