Japan Cherry Blossoms

                        Sigma 70-200 @ 200mm f/2.8 1/3000 ISO 100

One of the major reasons we visit Japan at this time of year is to see the Cherry Blossoms in bloom.  Particularly this year the Cherry Blossoms have a special meaning to the Japanese after the devastation of a month ago.  To the Japanese Cheery Blossoms represent hope, new life, and a coming of something better.

This year is no different but with a heightened meaning and awareness.  We visited and shot a few of the key places for Cherry Blossoms and the Japanese were out celebrating the coming of spring and the hope of their future.  People may not be out shopping, entertaining or otherwise spending time out in Tokyo but we found a fair number enjoying the blossoms.

Canon 24-105 @ 80mm f/4 1/125 ISO 800


There were people gathering donations for those left homeless after the quake & tsunami and then there were the radicals driving around in their trucks with loud speakers announcing, to anyone who’d listen, that Japan was being punished for her pride, policies and treatment of others.  We will not focus on those but rather on the beautiful Cherry Blossoms.  We shot both the Imperial Palace gardens and Ueno Park.  We’ve chosen to show shots from the Imperial Palace gardens first.

Sigma 70-200 @ 200mm f/10 1/250 ISO 320

Canon 24-105L @55mm f8 1/125 ISO 200


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