Traditional Japanese Wedding at Meiji Shrine

While we were wandering the grounds of Meiji Shrine in Tokyo there was a wedding going on.  When they saw us with cameras they got excited so Mike G asked in his fluent Japanese if it would be OK to take a few pictures of the bride and groom.  Luckily they agreed and even posed for a few shots.  This is an example of fun, unexpected things we run into on tour.  Being able to watch and shoot un-staged events like this is what we mean when we say: “You don’t just take a photograph, you experience it!”

   1/90 f9.5 ISO 1000                            1/90 f9.5 ISO 1000
Canon 24-105L @ 35mm                 Canon 24-105L @ 105mm

                                           1/90 f9.5 ISO 1000 
                                      Canon 24-105L @ 50mm

                                          1/90 f8 ISO 1000 
                                     Canon 24-105L @ 40mm

                                         1/125 f4.5 ISO 1000
                                   Canon 24-105L @ 105mm


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