Shooting comfortably in Columbia Sportswear

There are a number of things that make our life easier and more comfortable while out in the field and traveling the globe.  Lightweight gear, dependable cameras & lenses, great planning and long-lasting relationships with in-country vendors are the basics of our photo tours.

There is something even more important for your immediate comfort.  That is the clothing you wear.  You rely on shirts, coats, pants, socks, boots, etc., to keep you comfortable, safe and happy.  The last thing you want to be worrying about while you are out shooting is how incredibly cold, hot or wet you may be getting.

The M&M staff have been using Columbia ( products for a long time for a good reason. The Omni-dry pants have proven more than once that they are perfect for the field.  They dry fast, are super lightweight and fold flat taking little space in your bag making travel easy.

An example of this is during a trip to the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska to photograph the Grizzly bears of the Russian River.  As we shot through the day we stayed dry in an on-and-off drizzle.  But late in the afternoon a large female grizzly came out of the woods and pushed us along the boardwalk set up for fisherman till it ended at the confluence of the Russian and Kenai Rivers.  The bear would pause to eat some fish, berries or simply just watch us while we would snap some shots and kept a safe distance.  The rub came when the small gravel spit we were standing on ended at the shore of the rivers AND the bear decided she wanted to be where we were.  Our choice was simple – head into the shallower and slower flowing Russian river to avoid the bear.  Yes, we did get wet.  BUT, our Omni-Dry pants were dry in less than 15 minutes and our boots and socks took less than 30 minutes to dry even though water had come over the top of our boots.  There was a member of our group who was wearing denim jeans and casual shoes.  He was still wet several hours later.

Columbia waterproof boots and fast drying clothes give you freedom to roam where you like without worrying about having wet feet or other body parts for the rest of the day.

The Omni-heat line provides warmth and comfort while in the cold shooting snow monkeys in the Japanese Alps. You can shoot to your heart’s content and not think about the cold because you are protected by these amazing products.  Likewise, the Omi-Shield line provides excellent sun protection while the Omni-Freeze line keeps you cool.

M&M is happy that after many years of using Columbia products we’ve been selected to the Columbia Sportswear ProGuide team.  We are excited to be working with Columbia and will be sharing photos of us using the gear all over the world in extreme temperatures and locations and providing written reviews of the products we use to help Columbia customers make informed decisions about which Columbia products might work best for them.


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