Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia tour

We have a group in Laos Vietnam & Cambodia right now. They are having a blast and taking advantage of the many photo opportunities!

Laos is the only Buddhist country on earth that still practices ‘giving Alms’ to the local monks.  Each morning the towns people and visitors line the streets to give food or whatever they have prepared to the monks.  The monks live off ONLY these Alms.  Whatever money they receive they use to buy food, medicine or other goods/needs.

We were fortunate enough to spend several hours with monks at different temples and get some fun shots.  We were up before first light twice to capture some different experiences and shots.

We also spent time learning about their lives.  Most males in Laos will serve some time as a monk during their lifetime.  Our guide’s husband spent 1 week as a monk after graduating college before he started his job with a government bank.  Other males have spent their lifetime trying to rid themselves of desire.  All we met were very nice and enjoyed interaction with us.

We’d like to thank Adam Barker for joining us on this trip and being so proactive in his instruction and passion for photography.  Please check out his Blog at to see his images and take on the trip.


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