What we ate and where we stayed

We certainly had a lot of fun on this China tour. We ate like kings and our hotels where ment for kings. We thought you would be interested to see what we ate every day and where we stayed.

But to get an even better idea of the food we ate follow this link that Jook Leung provided for us. CLICK HERE Jook was with us on the China tour and was designated the food photographer for the trip. He did a great job documenting what we ate!

Our hotel rooms where always top-notch, very comfortable and enjoyable!

Bellow you will see  one of our rooms in Yangshuo, the Yangshuo Sovereign Hotel. 

Below you will see the view from our room overlooking the Li River. I loved it! I just couldn’t get enough of the Li River. 

This is what the room looks like after a photographer has been there for 10 mins. HAHA

Here is our hotel & hotel room in Shanghai.


2 Responses to “What we ate and where we stayed”

  1. i would alway prefer hotel rooms with flannel sheets and cotton beddings, i love the feel of those fabric :`;

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